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Skilpadjies (Lamb Liver & Beef BBQ Bombs)

Skilpadjies (Lamb Liver & Beef BBQ Bombs)


Traditional South African unique marinated liver minced with beef rump steak marinated with love and will take eating liver eaters to a place only of imagination.


100g each 

Serves 2


    80% LAMB LIVER 20%BEEF RUMP STEAK Dextrose,salt spices(mustard),herb and spice extract,dehydrated vegetables(red and green bell peppers,onion,garlic,MSG(flavour enhancer(E621),flavour blend,flavourings,smoke flavouring,soybean oil(soy),antioxidant(alpha-tocopherol E307. Malt vinegar from barley,spirit vinegar,molasses,sugar,salt,anchovies(fish)tamarind Extract,onions,garlic,spice,flavourings.


    Mustard, soy, fish. May contain cow's milk, egg, mustard, soy, wheat gluten.

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