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Feast Boxes

Our Meat Boxes are designed to help any meat-lover become the connoisseur they've dreamed of becoming. Impress your friends and family with unusual or traditional meats prepared to perfection.

Delivered to your door weekly.


Sample Feast

100g Biltong

100g Drywors,

100g Chilli Drywors
100g Biltong pops

100g Chilli Biltong pops 

500g Cheese griller sausage

500g Boerewors

500g Sosatie wors

1 pack Skilpadjies

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Poultry Feast

3 Chicken Flatties (spatchcock chickens) in any 3 flavours.

Garlic, BBQ, Piri Piri, Garlic

1kg Chicken Kebabs in any of the 3 flavours.

Garlic, BBQ, Piri Piri, Garlic

1kg chicken breast plain or marinated


Beef Feast

8 x 300g Steaks (2 of each kind)

6 x 500g Boerewors

6 x 500g Sosatie Boerewors

6 x 500g Mince

20 x Hamburger Patties


Want to create your own Meatbox?
Contact us for a quote, product availability and any other queries.

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