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This is an old South African favourite. "Russian and chip"



 All our sausages are hand-tied by our head butcher. Natural sheep casings

Cheese Smoked Pork Sausage (Cheese Russians)

£9.00 Regular Price
£7.65Sale Price
1 Kilogram
  • PORK(100%)

    Salt, soy protein isolate (Soy), taploca starch, dextrose, phoaphato, maize starch, MSG (Flavour Enhancer), spices (celery) & spice extracts, antioxidant (Sodlum Erythorbate), dehydrated vegetable (garlic), flavour blends (salt), glucose, sugar, corn flour, colorant, acidity regulator, flavourings, flavour enhancer, flavourings, maltodextrin (maize), propylene glycol, modifled starch, ascorbic acid, curing pack - packed separately (salt, curing agents, preservatives) (sodium nitrite, sodlum nitrate), colourant, salt,enzymes,annatto colouring. Matture Cheddar cheese. (milk)

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